CompTIA Mobility+ MB0-001: Security

IT support personnel, mobility architects, network and security administrators, and anyone looking to gain technical skills for managing mobile devices


Expected Duration
90 minutes

The chief concern for organizations entering the world of BYOD and mobile device is security. With greater flexibility, the mobile nature of devices, and the ownership issues of BYOD, the potential for security issues has never been greater. This course covers security concepts and risks, and strategies for mitigating those risks in a connected, mobile world. This course is one of a series of courses that cover the objectives for CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0-001).


Mobile Encryption Technologies

  • start the course
  • describe the characteristics of protocols used in the IPSec framework for securing communications
  • describe VPN technologies and protocols
  • describe deprecated WiFi encryption methods and why they should not be used
  • describe current WiFi encryption methods and how they address previous issues
  • describe encryption methods for web traffic
  • describe encryption methods for data at rest
  • describe disk encryption technologies
  • describe removable media encryption technologies and reasons for encrypting

Mobile Device Access Control

  • describe authentication concepts
  • describe public key infrastructure and digital certificates
  • describe the use of software-based container access to secure applications
  • describe the use of data segregation to isolate applications

Monitoring and Reporting

  • describe the importance of compliance for mobile devices and mechanisms for enforcement
  • describe mobile device auditing and audit reports
  • describe applications for monitoring mobile devices
  • describe mobile device logs and their use in monitoring

Threats and Mitigation

  • describe risks to wireless security
  • describe the methods for mitigating risks to wireless security
  • describe risks to security from software and applications
  • describe mitigation techniques for software risks
  • describe organizational risks to security
  • describe security risks associated with devices and hardware

Incident Response and Remediation

  • describe the process for identifying a mobile security incident
  • describe processes for determining policy based incident response
  • describe how policy based incident response should be performed
  • describe the documentation required for a security incident

Practice: Securing Mobile Devices

  • demonstrate corporate mobile device security





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