CompTIA Network+ 2009: Managing and Monitoring the Network

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The task of managing and monitoring a network falls to the network administrator. In order to do a thorough job, administrators need to be aware of the processes, procedures, and tools that they can and should use in order to accomplish their goals. Proper management and monitoring of a network can forestall many problems that commonly occur in a network environment as well as make troubleshooting problems that do arise that much easier. This course describes how to document and diagram the network environment and the procedures that should be in place to ensure that all documentation is up to date. In addition, the tools that network administrators can use to gather the information they need to create their documentation and to build policies and procedures is also covered.
This course maps the CompTIA’s Network+ 2009 objectives that cover using network monitoring to identify performance and connectivity issue, procedures for evaluating the network based on configuration management documentation, and identifying the types of management documentation used in a network environment.

Target Audience

The audience for CompTIA Network+ 2009 training will comprise IT personnel with at least 9 months IT networking experience. Good computer literacy along with a sound technical acumen should be present. Students looking to acquire job skills, and to be trained specifically to pass the associated CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition) certification exam will want to study this learning path.


CompTIA’s A+ credential is a recommended, although not mandatory, prerequisite.

Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Creating Network Diagrams

  • recognize how physical and logical network diagrams are used
  • recognize how to construct a network diagram
  • Creating Network Documentation

  • recognize what is included in a documentation baseline
  • recognize how documentation is used
  • recognize what is appropriate to include in network documentation
  • recognize the role of an update log
  • recognize how to document policy
  • Creating Network Diagrams and Documentation

    Network Monitoring Tools

  • recognize the functions of SNMP and RMON
  • recognize how to use common monitoring tools
  • recognize the functions of sniffers
  • Understanding Log Files

  • recognize different types of log files
  • Utilizing Monitoring Tools