CompTIA Network+ 2012: Network Installation and Configuration Part 2

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Troubleshooting skills are required by everyone who has responsibility for a network. The complexities of modern enterprise networks means that there is a vast array of devices, software, and infrastructure components that have the potential for failure – therefore causing a loss of connectivity on the network. This course describes the different networking problems and issues that can arise, as well as how they can be addressed. This course prepares the learner for the CompTIA Network+ 2012 certification exam N10-005. Network+ is sometimes referred to as N+ or Net+.

Target Audience

The audience for CompTIA Network+ 2012 training will comprise IT personnel with at least nine to 12 months of IT networking experience. Good computer literacy along with a sound technical acumen should be present. This learning path is also suitable for students looking to acquire job skills, and to be trained specifically to pass the associated CompTIA Network+ (2012 Edition) certification exam. It is recommended, but not required, that candidates for the CompTIA Network+ 2012 exam obtain the CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge.


Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Troubleshooting Wireless Issues

  • troubleshoot wireless network issues
  • identify the simple issues that should be checked first when problems arise in a wireless network
  • Common Router and Switch Problems

  • match physical and configuration issues with their correct descriptions
  • match routing and switching issues with their correct descriptions
  • Troubleshooting Connectivity Problems

  • troubleshoot common router and switch problems
  • Planning and Implementing a SOHO Network

  • recognize the components used when planning a basic SOHO network
  • plan and implement a basic SOHO network
  • Troubleshooting Issues and SOHO Networks