CompTIA Network+ 2012: Network Security Part 2

The audience for CompTIA Network+ 2012 training will comprise IT personnel with at least nine to 12 months of IT networking experience. Good computer literacy along with a sound technical acumen should be present. This learning path is also suitable for students looking to acquire job skills, and to be trained specifically to pass the associated CompTIA Network+ (2012 Edition) certification exam. It is recommended, but not required, that candidates for the CompTIA Network+ 2012 exam obtain the CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Security is a concern of everyone from the home user to the network administrator of a large enterprise. Although the threats and mitigation of threats are similar for both, the scale in which protections and solutions need to be applied is not. Everyone, regardless of their role, should be familiar with the different threats and attacks they may encounter and how to protect against them or clean up an infection. This course describes many of the threats that may be encountered in wired and wireless networks and how to mitigate those threats. This course prepares the learner for the CompTIA Network+ 2012 certification exam N10-005. Network+ is sometimes referred to as N+ or Net+.


Attacks and Mitigation

  • recognize examples of wireless vulnerabilities
  • describe physical security, threats and vulnerabilities
  • classify the various types of attacks that can be made on a network
  • match the examples of threat mitigation techniques correctly
  • describe security best practices
  • recognize threats, attacks and mitigation techniques




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