CompTIA Security+ 2011: Securing Networks and Performing Security Assessments

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Security professionals must be able to create secure networking environments using appropriate tools and techniques while also being able to test existing network environments for security weaknesses. This course examines the use of routers and switches to create a secure environment, while also looking at how techniques such as creating subnets, DMZs, and VLANs can be used to secure an environment. This course also examines security assessment techniques and how penetration testing, vulnerability scanning tools, and honeypots can be used to find holes in network security. This course helps prepares the learner to write the CompTIA Security+ Certification SYO-301.

Target Audience

Individuals who have day-to-day technical information security experience and who are looking to validate that knowledge. It is recommended that individuals have a minimum of two years experience in IT administration with a focus on security and a broad knowledge of security concerns and implementations.


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Router and Switch Security

  • recognize the guidelines for securing switches
  • recognize the guidelines for securing routers
  • Secure Network Topology

  • recognize key elements of a secure network topology
  • Securing the Network and Devices

    Vulnerability Assessment

  • recognize how to perform a vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration Testing

  • recognize the considerations for planning a penetration test
  • recognize best practice for performing a penetration test
  • Security Assessment Tools

  • recognize key tools for use in security assessments
  • Assessing Information Security