CompTIA Security+ SY0-401: Creating Secure Networks

Security professionals with a minimum of 2 years experience in IT administration with a focus on security who have day to day technical information security experience and a broad knowledge of security concerns and implementations.


Expected Duration
90 minutes

CompTIA Security+ is a vendor neutral security certification that tests foundation knowledge of security skills in a computer environment. This course exams router and switch configurations, along with firewall types and configurations, and how IDS and IPS are used to secure a network environment. This course also examines other security mechanisms such as proxy servers, all-in-one security devices, flood guards, and unified security management. Finally, this course examines: layered security, Defense in depth, subnetting, DMZ, and NAT. This is the third course of the security+ SYO-401 certification training path.


Creating Secure Networks

  • identify methods of securing routers and switches
  • recognize characteristics of a variety of types of firewalls
  • distinguish the functions of IDS and IPS
  • identify security mechanisms you can use to help protect a network

Host Security Threats and Defenses

  • identify potential phishing attacks
  • identify security threats and implement mechanisms to secure the network environment against them





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