CompTIA Security+ SY0-401: Network Protocols, Attacks, and Defenses

Security professionals with a minimum of 2 years experience in IT administration with a focus on security who have day-to-day technical information security experience and a broad knowledge of security concerns and implementations.


Expected Duration
120 minutes

Comptia Security+ is a vendor neutral security certification that tests foundation knowledge of security skills in a computer environment. This course examines common network protocols, the fundamentals and dangers of network attacks, implementation of network security, and available tools and devices used to secure networks. This is the second course of the security+ SYO-401 certification training path.


Network Protocols and Ports

  • recognize characteristics of the OSI and DoD models
  • recognize features of TCP and IP protocols
  • recognize features of the TCP and UDP protocols and their ports

Network Attacks and Defenses

  • label examples of network attacks
  • recognize best practices in network security
  • recognize how tools are used to assess risk and network vulnerability
  • recognize strategies for structuring and securing a network





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