CompTIA Server+ 2009: Network and Storage Troubleshooting

Established IT professionals who wish to acquire job skills and to be trained specifically to pass the CompTIA Server+ 2009 certification exam

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, a Comptia A+ certificate is recommended.

Expected Duration
150 minutes

Almost everywhere you go, from large businesses to people’s homes, networks are in place to facilitate the movement of data between computers and other devices, such as printers or the Internet. In addition to that, the vast amounts of data generated in today’s computing environments means that storage issues are something that every business and server administrator needs to deal with sooner or later. The hardware and software involved in networking and storage management can be complicated, which can make troubleshooting issues that arise complicated as well. It is important that server administrators are comfortable with the troubleshooting process and familiar with the various problems that can arise related to networks and storage systems. They need to know how to correctly define problems as they arise and how to fix them. This course covers many networking and storage issues that can crop up and describes the process for determining causes and implementing solutions.
The course maps to CompTIA’s Server+ exam, SK0-003, and covers the following exam objectives: 6.4 Given a scenario, effectively diagnose network problems, selecting the appropriate tools and methods; and 6.5 Given a scenario, effectively troubleshoot storage problems, selecting the appropriate tools and methods.


Troubleshooting Network Issues

  • identify common network problems
  • recognize the causes of common network problems
  • use command-line tools to troubleshoot network problems
  • match command-line tools to their corresponding uses
  • troubleshoot network problems

Troubleshooting Storage Problems

  • recognize examples of common storage problems
  • recognize examples of common hardware problems that can lead to storage issues
  • use tools to troubleshoot storage problems
  • match storage troubleshooting tools with corresponding examples of when they would be used
  • recognize diagnostic tools that help when troubleshooting storage problems
  • use the Disk Management tool to create and format a mounted storage device





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