Configuring and Managing Meetings and Notes in Outlook 2016

End users; business users; IT administrators; business decision makers looking to attain competency in Microsoft Outlook 2016


Expected Duration
42 minutes

The Microsoft Outlook 2016 calendar can also be used to schedule meetings in addition to creating events and appointments. In this course, you will learn how to schedule and edit meetings, accept or decline meeting requests, and manage meetings. This course also covers creating and managing notes in Outlook 2016.


Organizing Meetings

  • start the course
  • create a meeting request in Outlook 2016
  • create a meeting request from an e-mail message in Outlook 2016
  • edit and cancel a meeting in Outlook 2016

Accept and Decline Meeting Requests

  • accept or decline a meeting request in Outlook 2016
  • respond to a meeting request using the propose new time and e-mail response options in Outlook 2016

Managing Meetings

  • accept or decline proposed new meeting times in Outlook 2016
  • use the meeting tracking feature in Outlook 2016

Create and Manage Notes

  • create notes in Outlook 2016
  • forward and share notes in Outlook 2016
  • add notes to contacts in Outlook 2016

Practice: Working with Meetings and Notes

  • create and edit a meeting request and create a note in Outlook 2016





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