Configuring Azure Websites

The Learning Path is aimed at professionals preparing to take the 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions certification exam, and who are experienced in designing, programming, implementing, automating, and monitoring Microsoft Azure cloud platform solutions. Exam candidates should also be adept at using development tools, techniques, and design methodologies associated with the design of scalable and resilient, cloud-based solutions.


Expected Duration
173 minutes

Domain #1 of the Microsoft 70-532 certification examination sets out to test the candidate’s skills with respect to website (Web App) design and implementation. This course covers the first three skills-measured objectives, and, by way of discussion and demonstration, will support candidates studying for and preparing to take the 70-532 examination.


Deploying Web Apps (Websites)

  • start the course
  • describe the use and purpose of deployment slots
  • create and utilize deployment slots
  • roll back a deployment
  • describe hosting plan options
  • subscribe to and set up a hosting plan
  • create a website
  • migrate a website between hosting plans

Configure Web Apps (Websites)

  • describe and configure Web App settings
  • describe and configure connection strings
  • describe and configure request handlers
  • describe and configure virtual directories
  • describe and configure custom domains
  • describe how SSL certificates are generated and used
  • generate and upload an SSL certificate for a custom domain in Azure App Service
  • describe and configure SSL binding
  • describe various methods of managing Azure Web Apps programmatically

Web App (Website) Insights

  • describe diagnostic data and streaming logs
  • configure website diagnostics
  • remotely access website diagnostics logs using an FTP client
  • use FTP to retrieve and locally view diagnostics log file content
  • stream diagnostics logs to command line using Azure Command Line Interface
  • utilize remote debugging
  • configure endpoint monitoring
  • configure alerts
  • monitor Azure App Service Web App resources

Practice: Deploy and Configure Websites

  • create and configure websites





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