Configuring Cisco Easy VPN Remote

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To recognize how to configure Easy VPN Remote for the VPN Client 4.x and remote access routers

Target Audience

The primary target audience includes network designers, network administrators, network engineers, and system engineers.


Cisco CCNA certification, a basic knowledge of the Windows operating system, Cisco’s IOS networking and security terms and concepts.

Expected Duration

155 min.

Course Objectives

Configuring Cisco Easy VPN Remote

  • recognize how to install a VPN client ensuring a secure connection to a private network using the Internet.
  • recognize how to create client connection entries and configure client authentication properties.
  • recognize how to enable transparent tunneling, enable and add backup servers, and configure a dial-up network connection.
  • install and configure the Cisco VPN Client 4.x.
  • distinguish between the three operational modes of Easy VPN.
  • recognize how to configure a local DHCP pool, and configure and assign an Easy VPN client profile.
  • recognize how to configure Extended Authentication (Xauth), initiate a VPN tunnel, and verify the Easy VPN configuration.
  • configure a Cisco access router with Easy VPN.