Configuring Message Options in Outlook 2016

End users; business users; IT administrators; business decision makers looking to attain competency in Microsoft Outlook 2016


Expected Duration
43 minutes

Basic features and options in Microsoft Outlook 2016 allow you to perform common messaging tasks such as composing, sending, and receiving messages. There are however, many options that allow you to configure how messages are sent. In this course, you will learn about the different types of items that can be added or inserted in a message. This course also covers e-mail tracking and message delivery options.


Inserting Items in Outlook 2016 Messages

  • start the course
  • insert a table in messages in Outlook 2016
  • insert SmartArt and charts in Outlook 2016 messages
  • insert shapes and screenshots in Outlook 2016
  • insert a hyperlink and Quick Parts in Outlook 2016
  • Tracking E-mails

  • configure delivery and read receipt options and flag a message for action in Outlook 2016
  • use and configure voting buttons in Outlook 2016
  • E-mail Delivery Options

  • configure e-mail importance and sensitivity levels in Outlook 2016
  • configure message delivery options when sending e-mail in Outlook 2016
  • Practice: Configuring Message Options

  • insert a table, shape, and hyperlink and configure tracking and voting options in Outlook 2016




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