Configuring Mobile Computing in Windows 7

Individuals taking the first of the Windows 7 exams – 70-680: TS: Windows 7 Configuring, which is required for the certification MSCA: Windows 7, Configuration

At least one year of experience in the IT field, as well as experience implementing and administering any Windows client operating system in a networked environment

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Remote access and remote security are fundamental aspects of IT environments. From small remote telecommuter offices, to enterprise networks, remote access and the security to make them viable are everyday concerns in modern networks. This course examines BitLocker, offline file support, caching servers, DirectAccess, VPNs, and Network Access Protection. This course maps to exam 70-680: TS: Windows 7 Configuring. This exam is required for the certification MSCA: Windows 7, Configuration.


Configuring BitLocker and Mobility

  • encrypt a drive with BitLocker and use data recovery agents
  • recognize the purposes of the various types of keys used by BitLocker
  • use PowerCfg to work with power plans
  • use BitLocker to encrypt a drive and configure it to use data recovery agents

Configuring DirectAccess and Remote Connections

  • identify appropriate ways to implement DirectAccess
  • identify the features of DirectAccess
  • create a remote connection with VPN Reconnect
  • recognize the security auditing features of Windows 7
  • create, configure, and test a remote connection with VPN Reconnect





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