Confined Space Entry – Canada

Workers who are assigned work in and around work areas that have been identified as confined spaces

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Expected Duration
30 minutes

This course covers the characteristics and hazards of confined spaces. This course also covers the requirements for hazard assessment, the requirements for work procedures and safe entry procedures for confined spaces, equipment needed for confined space entry, the purpose and use of permits, and the duties and responsibilities of personnel involved with confined spaces. Learners will be provided with terms commonly associated with working in confined spaces and information that will aid them in recognizing the signs and symptoms of overexposure. Learner objectives are to identify characteristics of confined spaces; identify hazards associated with tools, atmospheric conditions, and chemicals; identify safe entry procedures and equipment needed for entry; recall information regarding permits; and identify responsibilities of the attendant, entrant, and employer regarding confined spaces. It should be noted that depending on where you are working in Canada, confined space provisions (including how a confined space is defined) may differ. This course will outline the major points and commonalities of confined spaces across the Canadian provinces; however, it is recommended that the province-specific regulation for your workplace be reviewed in conjunction with this course.
This course was developed with subject matter support provided by the Pinchin Group of Companies, an environmental health and safety consulting firm with offices across Canada.


Confined Space Entry

  • identify characteristics and terms commonly associated with confined spaces
  • identify the dangers associated with using tools in confined spaces
  • identify atmospheric concerns when working in a confined space
  • identify factors relating to overexposure to chemicals in confined spaces
  • recall safe entry procedures for confined spaces
  • identify equipment needed for confined space entry
  • recall basic information regarding permits
  • identify roles and responsibilities of the attendant in a confined space entry
  • identify the responsibilities of the entry supervisor and the entrant in a confined space




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