Connecting with Others through Diplomacy and Tact

Individuals who want to improve their ability to communicate in a more diplomatic and tactful manner


Expected Duration
22 minutes

Communication is connecting. Connecting requires insights into others’ minds. The first step in connecting with sensitivity is seeing others as fully human. We should recognize that an egocentric perspective can be a barrier to bridging the distance between ourselves and others. Another barrier to communication is failing to recognize that our way of seeing the world is not the only way; we can’t assume those we’re communicating with see things the same way. It’s also important to understand how our biases, stereotypes, and expert knowledge can become barriers to effective communication. The essence of communicating with tact and diplomacy is overcoming these barriers and engaging with the minds of others. In this course, you’ll explore methods for developing empathy with others, for framing yourself properly, and for removing personal biases.


Engaging with Others

  • identify the best strategies for engaging with others
  • identify examples of methods for framing yourself properly
  • identify and overcome potential personally held biases
  • engage others with tact and diplomacy





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