Conquering Conflict through Communication

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How many times have you said nothing because it was “good for the team” or got angry before thinking over the situation? These examples illustrate how important communication is in the workplace. Communication is more than what you say. It’s what you don’t say, how you listen to others, and how you listen to what you say. At the end of this course, you’ll have the skills you need to listen actively, use feedback in your teams, sensitively communicate verbally and nonverbally, and assume the best of your team members.

Target Audience

Anyone working on project teams.


Expected Duration

180 min.

Course Objectives

Proactive Listening

  • recognize the value of proactive listening.
  • identify what is likely to happen in the workplace when people get angry at work.
  • identify the techniques of active listening.
  • identify the three steps of listening to all employees given a work-related scenario.
  • Defusing through Feedback

  • recognize the benefit of using feedback.
  • identify the possible approaches to coaching conflicting team members.
  • specify the key elements when giving feedback.
  • identify how to act when receiving feedback when given a scenario.
  • Communication Sensitivity

  • recognize the importance of sensitively communicating with others.
  • match the nonverbal behavior to the message being sent.
  • identify the nonjudgmental strategy when given a scenario.
  • identify the approaches that help develop openness.
  • Guided Problem-solving

  • recognize the value of guided problem-solving.
  • match examples to correct resolution-oriented types of questions.
  • specify ways to help an employee target issue-oriented solutions.
  • identify the strategies of negotiating.




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