Content Types, Workflows, Calendar, and Office Applications in SharePoint 2016

End users; business users; IT administrators; and business decision makers looking to attain competency in Microsoft SharePoint 2016


Expected Duration
42 minutes

SharePoint 2016 offers integration with Microsoft Office products; Office documents can be created within SharePoint; and Office files can be launched using the full local version of Office or with the Web App version. Additionally, the calendar app can be used to help manage meetings and events, and content types can be added to help create specialized content quickly. In this course, you will learn about adding content types, managing the order of content types, and modifying content type settings. The course also covers adding and editing Workflows, calendars, launching Office applications from SharePoint, and using Office Web Apps in SharePoint 2016.


Working with Content Types

  • start the course
  • add new content types to libraries in SharePoint 2016
  • change the new button order and default content type options in SharePoint 2016
  • view and modify content type settings in SharePoint 2016

Workflows in SharePoint 2016

  • add new workflows in SharePoint 2016
  • edit workflows in SharePoint 2016

Using the Calendar App

  • add the calendar app to a SharePoint site in SharePoint 2016
  • add and edit calendar events in SharePoint 2016

Working with Office Applications

  • launch Office applications from SharePoint 2016 to open and create files in SharePoint 2016
  • use the Office web apps preview pane and edit documents using the Office web app in SharePoint 2016

Practice: Calendar and Office Applications

  • add and edit a calendar and preview, open, and edit a document using Office web apps in SharePoint 2016





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