Create and Administer Cloud Networking

Virtual network administrators and data center operatives who are managing a virtualized infrastructure and are looking to gain knowledge and skills in cloud management and automation features provided by VMware vRealize Suite and vCloud products


Expected Duration
96 minutes

vRealize Automation allows for faster deployments and management of network services. Organizations can gain substantial benefits as a direct result of server virtualization. NSX is Vmware’s product for virtualizing networks which allows you to overcome many challenges and bottlenecks of traditional networks. You can programmatically create, provision, and manage logical networks on the actual physical network. In this course, you will learn how to configure and manage NSX integration with vRealize Automation Networking. The course also addresses how to configure IaaS for network integration. This course is one of a series of Skillsoft courses that cover the objectives for the VMware certification exam VCP-CMA: VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Management and Automation.


NSX Integration with vRealize Automation

  • start the course
  • describe NSX Integration with vRealize Automation
  • describe the technologies NSX can be configured through
  • describe components of NSX and their interactions
  • describe NSX services and capabilities
  • Configuring NSX Integration

  • specify system requirements for NSX
  • configure the NSX manager
  • configure NSX components
  • install NSX Edge
  • Configuring IaaS for Network Integration

  • describe IaaS integration
  • identify the different types of IaaS configurations
  • configure IaaS for network integration
  • Configuring vRealize Automation Networking

  • describe NSX for vSphere Edge network services
  • configure DHCP and NAT
  • configure VPN
  • configure Load Balancer
  • add static IP addresses
  • configure Syslog
  • configure multi-machine blueprints for network virtualization
  • identify the NSX distributed Firewall components
  • use logs to troubleshoot network service issues
  • Practice: Managing Network Services

  • describe key components and services of NSX and identify their interactions and capabilities




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