Creating a Positive Attitude

Employees who want to achieve a more positive outlook in the workplace


Expected Duration
120 minutes

Oftentimes your success or failure depends not only on the situation you are in, but how you react to that situation. Your reaction to the situations you encounter is significantly influenced by your attitude. Having a positive attitude involves looking for the best in a situation, being realistic about possibilities and consequences, and having the courage to believe that you can succeed. It isn’t always easy to be positive. You may feel that the odds are stacked against you, or you may find it hard to cope with the difficult and challenging situations that you find yourself in. Taking action to develop a positive attitude involves examining how you perceive your situation, and how you deal with your perception of the situation. This course will show you that it is possible to change your perspective from negative to positive, and provide you with skills for overcoming the challenges that you face at work. Being successful starts and ends with you, and having a positive attitude will help you achieve your desired success.


Changing Your Perspective

  • identify the benefits of changing perspective to deal with situations positively.
  • distinguish among examples of internal and external loci of control.
  • select responses that demonstrate a rational response to a sequence of events.
  • match each positive frame with its corresponding example.
  • Changing Your Coping Skills

  • recognize the benefits of changing coping skills to react positively to situations.
  • apply the four techniques used to challenge negative thinking in a given situation.
  • match categories of negative thinking with examples.
  • react positively to criticism or feedback in a given situation.
  • use assertiveness steps to overcome the negative impact of a given situation.




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