Creating a Standard Image to Deploy Windows 7

Individuals undertaking high level Windows desktop administration certification, and possibly Windows Server Enterprise Support certification. The customer base will also include companies using Microsoft Windows desktop and server systems that need their IT staff certified to a high level.

individuals should have at least 3 years experience installing, configuring, and administering clients in a Windows networked environment; Familiarity with client administration in Windows Server; Experience with deployment of operating systems and applications; Familiarity with Windows Server management tools such System Center suite.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Microsoft provides various solutions for deploying Windows 7 to client machines in an enterprise environment. Each solution provides advantages and disadvantages and depends on the company’s requirements. One solution is Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7. It contains documentation and tools – including Windows System Image Manager, ImageX, Windows Preinstallation Environment, and Deployment Image Servicing and Management – to deploy Windows 7 using images. These tools enable IT professionals to create Windows images and answer files and to apply and service the images. This course demonstrates how to create a standard image using SIM, to then apply the image to the client machines using Windows PE and ImageX, and finally to service it using DISM. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Microsoft exam: 70-686. Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator. Passing this exam will earn the learner Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator certification.


Using Windows AIK for Windows 7

  • compare the Windows 7 installation methods
  • identify the technician computer system requirements
  • build an answer file in a given scenario
  • configure, validate, and save Windows 7 settings
  • create an answer file
  • configure Windows 7 settings
  • validate and save Windows 7 settings

Creating and Managing a Standard Image

  • recognize how to build a reference installation and how to create bootable Windows PE media
  • recognize how to conduct phase four of the deployment process
  • use DISM to service an offline image in a given scenario
  • capture and apply a Windows image and deploy the image from the network share
  • service an offline image





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.