Creating and Designing a Project with Project 2007

Business managers, project managers, planners, and team members who want to track and manage project tasks, costs, and resources; candidates for Microsoft User Specialist certification; anyone wishing to gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Office Project 2007; end users seeking competence in Microsoft Office Project 2007.

Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Office environments; a basic knowledge of standard project methodology is an advantage

Expected Duration
210 minutes

In the corporate world, the project is a fundamental building block. Each project in which a company engages is unique, and fulfills an individual or corporate goal. And each project comprises a series of related tasks that culminate in a project deliverable. Microsoft Office Project 2007 is a comprehensive tool for project managers responsible for the overall design of projects, enabling them to engage in task assignment and management, resource allocation, costs, and budget control in an easy and intuitive way. Microsoft Office Project 2007 also enables the collection and sharing of project progress information with a project’s team members and stakeholders. This course outlines the basics of project management, and shows how to create – and manage – a new project using Microsoft Office Project 2007.


Understanding Project 2007 Fundamentals

  • recognize the distinguishing features of projects
  • interpret the relationships between the elements of a project
  • match project management phases with their descriptions
  • turn the Project Guide on or off
  • access views in Project 2007
  • match Project 2007 reports with their descriptions
  • access Help in Project 2007
  • recognize Project 2007’s Help options

Getting Started with Project 2007

  • create and save a new project
  • create a new project from a template
  • define a project
  • define general work times for a project
  • create a new project
  • define a project
  • define general work times for a project

Defining and Modifying Tasks

  • create a task list
  • set a task’s duration
  • recognize the characteristics of milestone tasks
  • create a project structure
  • create a task dependency link
  • recognize the characteristics of task dependencies
  • creating a recurring task
  • split a task
  • add information to a task
  • add a hyperlink to a task
  • impose a constraint on a task
  • create a task dependency link between two tasks
  • add a hyperlink to a task
  • impose a constraint on a task





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