Creating and Modifying Queries in Access 2013

Personnel at all levels of the enterprise; end-users seeking to attain competency in Microsoft Access 2013

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Microsoft Access 2013 includes a collection of query options to help make creating and modifying queries, easy. Access provides a number of query types with the ability to review data before running the queries. You can update or delete data that meets a certain criteria, request user input, and add calculated fields to queries. You can also group and summarize your data in queries.
This course explores creating queries through the Query Wizard and Query Design. It also covers different types of queries like the Update and Delete queries, as well as the Parameter query. This course will cover adding new fields to queries, saving queries, and renaming them. It will also cover hiding or removing fields from queries as well as deleting queries. Finally, this course shows how to add calculated fields to queries, and group and summarize data in a query.


Creating Queries in Access

  • filter data in Access 2013 with queries
  • modify data in Access 2013 with queries
  • create user-defined input queries in Access 2013
  • decide how to create queries in Access 2013

Modifying Queries

  • edit and save queries in Access 2013
  • hide and delete query fields in Access 2013
  • decide how to modify queries in Access 2013

Customizing Queries

  • add calculated fields and grouping in Access 2013
  • decide how to customize a query in Access 2013





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