Creating and Sustaining a Customer-focused Organization

Managers and leaders who want to develop their skills for approaching and implementing customer-focused service strategies

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

To create a customer-focused organization, you need an in-depth understanding of what types of customer-focused tools and solutions are available. And you must know the level of customer focus that you’re seeking to achieve. As a manager, you also need to know how to select the most appropriate implementation strategy that aligns with your organization’s capabilities and its objectives. This will help you to create stronger, more valuable, and lasting relationships and experiences for your customers. This course provides direction on how to approach, implement, and sustain effective customer-focused service strategies in order to increase your organization’s competitive advantage.


Implementing and Sustaining Customer Focus

  • determine the level and scope of organizational customer focus in a given scenario
  • implement a customer-focus strategy in a given scenario
  • recognize examples of how customer focus can be sustained in an organization





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