Creating Mobile Apps with Appcelerator Titanium

This series of courses is targeted toward web designers and web developers who want to develop native apps for mobile devices by using HTML and JavaScript.


Expected Duration
85 minutes

Titanium allows you to develop mobile apps for all the major mobile platforms from a single JavaScript codebase. In this course, you will learn about the history and components of Titanium. You will also learn to create your first app, work with UI controls, and learn the different mechanisms to save data through different modes.


Introduction to Titanium

  • start the course
  • describe the background and history of Titanium
  • describe Appcelerator Platform and its components
  • describe the prerequisites required for working with Titanium

Setting up Titanium

  • configure Oracle JDK in your machine
  • configure Git in your machine
  • configure Python in your machine
  • configure Node.js in your machine
  • configure Appcelerator Studio in your machine

Creating your First Application in Titanium

  • identify the steps required before creating your first Titanium app
  • create a data model for your app
  • create a view for your app
  • create platform-specific views for your app
  • test the app in iOS and Android simulator

Working with UI Controls

  • use dialog boxes in your app
  • use menus in your app
  • use dynamic menu in your app
  • use tab views and scrolling views in your app
  • use forms in your app
  • detect orientation and adapt your UI based on the orientation

Saving your Data

  • work with the properties API in your app
  • work with the SQLite database in your app
  • work with filesystem access and storage API in your app
  • work with web services in your app
  • work with XML and JSON data in your app

Practice: Publish and Test an App

  • create and publish an app with Appcelerator Studio and test it on a phone





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