Creating Resources in Project 2010

Individuals involved in managing projects who have basic computer literacy

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

The people who do the work, the materials and equipment you require to perform the work, and the money you need to fund the work are all vital project resources. As a project manager, you should understand how to work with resource information in Project 2010 so you can efficiently plan and manage your resources. This course covers entering and configuring resource information, including people, generic resources, materials, and cost resources. This course also covers how to sort and organize items in a resource sheet.


Create and Organize Your Resources

  • match resource types with corresponding examples
  • organize project resources
  • enter work resources in Project 2010
  • configure resource availability in Project 2010
  • enter material resources in Project 2010
  • enter cost resources in Project 2010
  • create a resource pool for a project





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