Cryogenic Safety

Employees, managers, or supervisors whose normal job activities require the handling or use of cryogenic material

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Cryogenic materials are commonly used in the workplace for a variety of purposes, such as refrigeration, medical applications, and rocket propulsion. Due to their extremely cold temperatures, cryogenic materials can be hazardous if handled and stored incorrectly. Any employees handling cryogenic materials must wear personal protective equipment. If employees are exposed to the extreme cold of cryogenic materials they should receive treatment immediately to prevent permanent injury. In the event that an individual inhales cryogenic materials, he should seek immediate attention to prevent serious injury or death. Cryogenic materials are stored in specially designed containers known as dewars. This course explains how to recognize different types of cryogenic materials in the workplace and identifies the potential dangers of storing and handling these material incorrectly. It identifies recommended equipment and the standard operating procedures for handling and storing cryogenic materials safely. It also describes the most effective course of action if accidents involving cryogenic materials occur, including recommended methods for treating employees injured by cryogenic materials.


An Introduction to Cryogenic Materials

  • identify characteristics of cryogenic materials
  • recognize workplace situations in which cryogenic materials are used
  • match specific cryogenic materials to the dangers associated with them

Handling and Storing Cryogenic Materials

  • identify important safety precautions for employees handling and storing cryogenic materials
  • identify steps to be taken to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and the public in the event of an accident involving cryogenic materials
  • identify the steps to take when an employee is exposed to cryogenic materials





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