Customer Advocacy: Supporting Customer Advocacy

Anyone in an organization, particularly managers, who wants to support customer advocacy efforts

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

The success of customer advocacy efforts is directly related to an organization’s ability to not only meet but also exceed customer expectations at every point of contact. This requires a knowledgeable and motivated employee base that has a solid understanding of what customer advocacy means and how to implement it effectively. But employees need support from management to achieve success. This course describes how to support customer advocacy efforts effectively in your organization. It explains how to communicate the goals and values that drive the customer advocacy approach, and how to create an environment that supports cooperation and coordination – two important elements in achieving success with customer advocacy. In addition, the course describes how to motivate advocacy employees by rewarding cooperation. And it explains how to measure the success of your customer advocacy efforts so that you can provide support to employees in areas where they may need help, as well as provide positive feedback about what they’re doing well.


Supporting Customer Advocacy

  • assess how well the guidelines for communicating the customer advocacy approach to employees have been followed in a given scenario
  • determine whether the guidelines for supporting customer advocacy efforts have been followed in a given scenario
  • recognize ways to motivate employees in their efforts at customer advocacy
  • recognize guidelines for measuring customer advocacy efforts




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