Customizing the Behavior and Appearance of Word 2010

Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Word 2010 enables you to efficiently create attractive and organized documents using a variety of automated and pre-built features. You can quickly and easily use any of the Word 2010 styles to give your document a polished appearance, or you can create your own styles so you can use a custom appearance over and over. In addition, Word 2010 enables you to create documents using pre-built templates that are bundled with Word, saving you time and effort in choosing a layout and color scheme for your files. This course introduces Quick Styles and templates, and also explores an editing feature – AutoCorrect – that automatically corrects common errors such as not capitalizing the first letter of a sentence, or accidental usage of the Caps Lock key. The course also demonstrates how you can customize the Ribbon.


Customizing Word 2010

  • create a Quick Style
  • apply a Quick Style
  • make document-wide style changes in Word 2010
  • use AutoCorrect in Word 2010
  • undo an AutoCorrect action in Word 2010
  • create a document from a template in Word 2010
  • save a document as a template in Word 2010
  • customize the Ribbon in Word 2010
  • customize the appearance and behavior of Word 2010





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