Customizing the UNIX User Environment

End users and IT professionals working in a UNIX environment for the first time

Basic keyboard and mouse skills; some experience of working in a command-line environment such as MSDOS an advantage

Expected Duration
240 minutes

To demonstrate how to customize the UNIX environment to suit user requirements


Customizing the UNIX User Environment

  • name and describe the files used to configure the common shell environments.
  • explain the role of global environment variables and local shell variables, and name common variables.
  • reference shell variables used in the Bash, Korn, and C shells.
  • customize the Bash shell.
  • describe the function and design principles of the X windowing system.
  • name the files used to configure X, explain their functions, and describe their syntax.
  • reconfigure screen resolution on an X terminal.
  • explain the function of window managers and describe UNIX desktop environments such as CDE, KDE, and GNOME.
  • describe the types of documentation available on UNIX systems.
  • use the online manual pages to get help with UNIX commands.
  • use the Info system to find out more about UNIX commands and utilities.
  • use the man pages to find out about the date command.




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