Data Analysis Boot Camp

  • Business analyst, business systems analyst, CBAP, CCBA
  • Systems, operations research, marketing, and other analysts
  • Project manager, program manager, team leader, PMP, CAPM
  • Data modelers and administrators, DBAs
  • IT manager, director, VP
  • Finance manager, director, VP
  • Operations supervisor, manager, director, VP
  • Risk managers, operations risk professionals
  • Process improvement, audit, internal consultants and staff
  • Executives exploring cost reduction and process improvement options
  • Job seekers and those who want to show dedication to process improvement
  • Senior staff who make or recommend decisions to executives

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
3 day


In this fast-paced classroom experience, you will learn how to use your data to deal with critical factors: risk, performance, quality, forecasting, estimating, simulation, business process improvement, and much more. You will learn how to perform practical analytics, modeling, and interpretation the moment you return to work. Through a combination of demonstrations and hands-on exercises, you will get practice with the sort of skills and techniques which are typically the domain of expensive consultants.

You will quickly master powerful skills and the technologies to deploy them without reliance on proprietary technology. (We teach data skills you can deploy using Excel, R, or Python). Working through these scenarios, you will learn the value of analytics in supporting decision-making processes and the management and controls of business processes. In addition to providing real-world data analysis skills and concepts, you will apply the knowledge you acquire in a number of real business scenarios to learn practical applications.


1. Statistics: Understanding Data

  • Statistical Thinking Overview
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Cumulative Distribution Functions
  • Continuous Distributions
  • Probability
  • Operations on Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Estimation
  • Correlation

2. Graphics: Looking at Data

  • Single Variable: Establishing Distribution
  • Two Variables: Establishing Relationships
  • Time-series Analysis
  • More than Two Variables

3. Analytics: Modeling Data

  • “Guesstimation”
  • Models from Scaling Arguments
  • Arguments from Probability Models

4. Computation: Mining Data

  • Simulations
  • Finding Clusters
  • Finding Important Attributes

5. Applications: Using Data

  • Reporting, Business Intelligence, and Dashboards
  • Financial Calculations and Modeling
  • Predictive Analytics

6. CAP Certification Overview

  • The Seven Analytics Domains
    • Business Problem Framing
    • Analytics Problem Framing
    • Data
    • Methodology (Approach) Selection
    • Model Building
    • Solution Deployment
    • Model Lifecycle
  • Test Preparation Advice
  • Test Experience Feedback

7. Course Summary:

  • Understanding, Analyzing, and Presenting Data
    • Statistics
    • Graphics
    • Analytics
    • Computing
    • Applications
  • Certified Analytics Professional
  • Student Feedback / Evaluations
  • Networking



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