Data Analytics Using Power BI: Data Sourcing and Preparation

IT technicians and business analysts who need to analyze data utilizing Power BI


Expected Duration
108 minutes

Power BI can draw data from numerous file, database and web sources. Data must sometimes be transformed for use in analytic software such as Power BI.


Getting Data Into Power BI

  • start the course
  • describe where Power BI data comes from
  • recognize how Power BI can use data from files
  • recognize how Power BI can use data from databases
  • recognize how Power BI can use data from online sources
  • use Quick Insights in the Power BI Service to quickly generate interactive data visualizations
  • import a file data source into Power BI
  • import a database data source into Power BI
  • import a web URL data source into Power BI
  • recognize the purpose of the Power BI Gateway
  • configure the Power BI on-premises Gateway

Data Preparation

  • describe why data in its raw form is sometimes not suitable for use with Power BI
  • determine when the use of queries is appropriate
  • recognize when data should be combined
  • explain how row values can be grouped together and how rows can be filtered out to remove unnecessary data
  • create an append query
  • create a merge query
  • filter out rows that are unnecessary
  • create a calculated column

Practice: Prepare Data for Visualization

  • ensure data is in a form usable by Power BI for querying and visualization





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