Data Integration

Individuals with some programming and math experience working toward implementing data science in their everyday work


Expected Duration
43 minutes

Data integration is the last step in the data wrangling process where data is put into its useable and structured format for analysis. In this course, you’ll explore examples of practical tools and techniques for data integration.


Introduction to Data Integration

  • start the course
  • use csvjoin to concatenate CSV data
  • use the cat function to concatenate separate logs into a single file
  • sort lines in a text file
  • merge separate xml files into a single schema
  • aggregate data from a CSV file into a table of summarized values
  • normalize data from unstructured sources
  • denormalize data from a structured source
  • use pivot tables to cross tabulate data
  • insert missing values in a data set

Practice: Joining CSV Data

  • use csvjoin to merge two compatible CSV documents into one





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