Data Maintenance and Oversight for IRB Systems

Financial services professionals, consultants, and sales professionals interested in providing or selling products and services to banks and other financial institutions, and everyone interested in knowing about credit and operational risk exposure to banks and capital requirements to cover those risks in light of the Basel framework

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Banks that adopt the IRB approach to determine regulatory capital rely on their internal systems for assessment of credit risk. In order to produce reliable risk estimates, these IRB systems are subject to strict validation and data management practices. The two most significant of these practices are data maintenance and control and oversight. Effective IRB data maintenance encompasses sufficient checks and balances during collection, storage, retrieval, and analysis of essential data for obligors and facilities throughout the entire data life cycle. A control and oversight mechanism ensures that the various components of the IRB system are functioning properly.
This course introduces various aspects of data maintenance, control, and oversight mechanisms for IRB systems. It illustrates the life cycle tracking for data and discusses the role of data in the IRB system. The course also outlines various Basel guidelines for ensuring data quality and integrity, and independence, transparency, reviews, audits, and corporate oversight of IRB systems.


Data Maintenance

  • identify the main aspects of a bank’s data management process
  • identify the life cycle tracking stages
  • identify the role of data in the IRB system
  • identify Basel guidelines to overcome data quality challenges
  • recognize characteristics of data maintenance and oversight for IRB systems
  • Control and Oversight Mechanism

  • identify principles for effective control and oversight of IRB systems
  • identify components of review, audits, and corporate oversight
  • recognize oversight strategies for IRB systems




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