Data Transformation

Individuals with some programming and math experience working toward implementing data science in their everyday work


Expected Duration
48 minutes

Once data is filtered the next step is to transform it into a usable format. In this course, you’ll explore examples of practical tools and techniques for data transformation.


File Format Conversions

  • start the course
  • convert CSV data to JSON format
  • convert XML data to JSON format
  • create SQL inserts from CSV data
  • extract CSV data from SQL
  • change delimiters in a csv file from commas to tabs

Data Conversions

  • convert basic date formats to standard ISO 8601 format
  • convert numeric formats within a CSV document
  • round floating point decimals to two places within a CSV document

Optical Character Recognition

  • use optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from a jpeg image
  • use optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from a pdf document

Practice: Converting Dates

  • read various date formats and convert to standard compliant ISO 8601 format





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