DCICN 1.0: Routing and ACLs on Cisco Nexus Switches

Data center network engineers and learners embarking on a network administration or engineering career who wish to expand their skills in data center networks


Expected Duration
127 minutes

Layer 2 switching involves processing frames with respect to their data link layer headers. This course will explore aspects of Cisco Nexus switch routing operations. You’ll also learn about the routing process, protocols, and operations on Cisco Nexus switches, and how to configure routing and routing protocols. Access control lists (ACLs) can be used to classify IP packets and are applied on interfaces for specific directions. In this course, you’ll learn about the operation of ACLs and how to configure IPv4 ACLs. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for Cisco exam 640-911: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking.


Cisco Nexus Switch Routing Operations

  • start the course
  • describe traditional inter-vlan routing
  • describe multilayer switching
  • explain the function of a routed port on a multilayer switch
  • describe the purpose of a dynamic routing protocol
  • describe metrics that routing protocols most commonly use
  • rank a route based on administrative distance
  • describe distance vector routing protocols
  • describe link-state routing protocols

Routing Protocols

  • compare RIPv1 and RIPv2
  • configure RIP
  • display an IP routing table
  • describe the OSPF routing protocol
  • describe the function of the SPF algorithm
  • configure OSPF for a single area
  • configure a router with an OSPF router ID
  • verify an OSPF configuration
  • describe EIGRP tables and configuration
  • verify an EIGRP configuration
  • describe the EIGRP metric used in calculating the shortest path
  • describe how EIGRP load balances

Access Control Lists on Cisco Nexus Switches

  • describe the purpose of ACLs and give examples of when to use them
  • describe how ACLs process IP packets to filter traffic
  • recognize ACL configuration guidelines
  • configure an ACL
  • recognize the Cisco NX-OS ACL implementations available
  • describe the function of configuration sessions
  • describe how object groups simplify ACL configuration

Practice: Implementing Routing

  • configure routing operations on a Cisco Nexus Switch





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