DCUCCEN – Deploy, Manage, and Scale Cisco UCS Domains with UCS Central

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Expected Duration
2 day


In this course, you will learn about a scalable management solution for growing Cisco UCS environments. You will learn about the management of multiple Cisco UCS domains, global policies, and global ID pools. Cisco UCS Central does not replace Cisco UCS Manager, which is the policy-driven management for single UCS domain. Instead, Cisco UCS Central focuses on managing and monitoring the UCS domains on a global level, across multiple individual Cisco UCS Classic and Mini management domains worldwide. During this two-day lab-driven course, you will become familiar with, deploy, configure, and manage multiple UCS domains with UCS Central.


1. Managing Cisco UCS Systems

  • Cisco UCS Hardware Components
  • Management with UCS Manager

2. Managing with Cisco UCS Central

  • Management of Multiple Cisco UCS Domains
  • Integrating Cisco UCS Central and Cisco UCS Director

3. Deploying UCS Central

  • Installation of Cisco UCS Central
  • Deploying Cisco UCS Central for High Availability
  • Licensing Cisco UCS Central
  • Configure Cisco UCS Central for Initial Use

4. Registering Domains in Cisco UCS Central

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Groups

5. Operating Cisco UCS Central

  • Configure Role and Locale
  • Configure Backup and Export

6. Monitoring with Cisco UCS Central

  • Information Dashboard
  • Centralized Inventory
  • Fault Summary

7. Administering Global Profiles, Pools, and Policies

  • Global Service Profiles
  • Global Pool ID management
  • Global Policies
  • Networking Templates and Connectivity Policies
  • VLAN Aliasing

8. Transitioning to Cisco UCS Central

  • Transition Options
  • Transition Best Practices



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