Dealing with Irrational Customers and Escalating Complaints

Individuals who want to develop or refresh their customer service skills

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Expected Duration
120 minutes

Dissatisfied customers can become irrational, irate and even abusive towards Customer Service Representatives. Organizations need to be able to address the needs of such customers in a professional, positive manner, and have processes in place so that Customer Service Representatives know how and when to escalate such a call. This course describes how to properly support an irrational customer, handle emotional and rambling customers, and how and when to escalate customer complaints. This course helps to prepare learners to work in a customer support center or help desk environment.


Dealing With Irrational Customers

  • identify the benefits of being able to deal effectively with “”problem”” customers
  • implement strategies for dealing with abusive customers in a given scenario
  • identify techniques for dealing with irate customers
  • implement an appropriate strategy to deal with an emotional customer in a given scenario
  • recognize emotional customers
  • identify strategies to use when handling a rambling customer
  • identify the steps to use to disengage from a customer who refuses to disengage
  • Escalating Complaints

  • identify the benefits provided by the escalation of complaints
  • match customer issues with the appropriate escalation approach
  • select appropriate ways of updating a customer in a given scenario
  • identify appropriate approaches for updating a customer




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