DESGN 3.0: Branch Office and Datacenter Design

This path is intended for anyone who is interested in developing the skills needed to successfully design networks that will support voice, video, and data communications.


Expected Duration
136 minutes

Connecting a branch office to the main office is not a hard task. The hard task is making sure that branch user requirements are being met and the WAN is not being pressured. The size of the branch office is also critical. You do not want to spend more than you need to for the design. In addition, the Datacenter is the center of all resources, and having a well-designed datacenter that considers scalability and high availability is critical. This course identifies various options for connecting branch offices to a main office. It focuses on single options as well as redundant options. It also describes how the branch office LANs could be designed based on business needs. Lastly, datacenter design is introduced with a focus on designing resilient and scalable datacenters.


Branch Design

  • start the course
  • describe branch putting pressure on the WAN
  • describe common branch connectivity options
  • describe branch redundancy options
  • compare single-carrier WANs vs. dual-carrier WANs
  • describe dual-carrier MPLS/VPN WAN
  • describe hybrid WAN: layer 3 provider VPN and IPSec VPN
  • implement hybrid WAN: layer 3 provider VPN and IPSec VPN
  • describe hybrid WAN: layer 2 provider VPN and IPSec VPN
  • compare centralized and local branch Internet access
  • describe remote-site LAN: flat layer 2
  • describe remote-site LAN: collapsed core
  • Connecting to the Datacenter

  • describe datacenter architecture
  • describe datacenter Ethernet infrastructure
  • describe datacenter storage integration
  • describe datacenter reference architecture
  • describe server virtualization and virtual switch
  • describe resilient datacenter core options
  • implement resilient datacenter core options
  • describe datacenter security
  • describe the need to connect datacenters
  • describe extending layer 2 between datacenters
  • describe supporting server scalability
  • describe application-level load balancing
  • describe network-level load balancing
  • Practice: Designing a Datacenter

  • implement the design of a datacenter




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