DESGN 3.0: Designing a Network for Collaboration and Introducing IP Addressing

This path is intended for anyone who is interested in developing the skills needed to successfully design networks that will support voice, video, and data communications.


Expected Duration
130 minutes

Designing today’s networks requires you to consider more than just data communication. You also need to design your network to support voice and video communications. As such, you need to understand the business needs of voice, video, and data traffic in your network. In addition, to scale your IP network and take advantage of features and services that will improve the overall network you need to have a proper addressing plan in place. The last thing you want to do is re-address the network because you did not design the addressing plan correctly. This course describes what needs to be considered when designing a network that supports voice and video communications. It also introduces you to IP addressing and how to design a proper addressing plan to meet current and future needs.


Integrating Collaboration

  • start the course
  • describe the need for collaboration
  • describe the components of collaboration
  • describe the collaboration building blocks
  • describe the need for collaboration building blocks
  • describe the components within the collaboration building blocks
  • describe what the collaboration building blocks contain
  • describe how to support IP telephony
  • describe voice VLAN
  • describe the protocols of IP telephony
  • describe collaboration traffic
  • describe traffic patterns
  • assure a good user experience
  • Concepts of Good IP Addressing

  • describe IP addressing goals
  • implement and plan IP addressing
  • describe and plan addressing for the future
  • describe route summarization with IPv4 and IPv6
  • implement route summarization with IPv4 and IPv6
  • describe public and private addressing
  • describe how to avoid readdressing
  • Practice: Video Traffic

  • describe video traffic




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