DESGN 3.0: Designing Routed Networks with IS-IS and BGP

This path is intended for anyone who is interested in developing the skills needed to successfully design networks that will support voice, video, and data communications.


Expected Duration
103 minutes

IS-IS and BGP are used mainly in Service Provider environments because of their ability to support very large networks. However, there are benefits to using these protocols in an Enterprise network. If you are looking to influence inbound or outbound traffic for your routing domain with multiple Service Providers, BGP would benefit you. This course introduces you to IS-IS and its basic configuration. It also describes how you can expand an IS-IS design to support large networks. The course also covers when BGP should be used between an Enterprise network and a Service Provider. It focuses on multihomed connectivity and how to take advantage of inbound and outbound routing policies.


Introducing IS-IS

  • start the course
  • describe IS-IS
  • describe IS-IS Areas
  • describe inter-router communication
  • describe CLNS addressing
  • describe IS-IS metric
  • describe IS-IS authentication
  • describe basic IS-IS configuration
  • describe IS-IS for IPv6
  • Expanding IS-IS Design

  • describe expanding IS-IS design
  • Connecting to the Internet

  • compare single and dual-homing
  • describe multihoming
  • describe the implications of running full BGP routing table
  • describe running a partial Internet table
  • describe the BGP route selection process
  • describe influencing outbound and inbound routing
  • describe how weight attribute influences outbound routing
  • describe how local preference influences outbound routing
  • describe how setting MED outbound influences outbound routing
  • describe setting communities outbound
  • describe prepending AS path
  • describe avoiding loops when forwarding to the Internet
  • describe route dampening
  • describe coexistence of BGP for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Practice: Multihoming

  • implement multihoming




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