Design Concepts for Web Sites

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To describe, explain, and equip students to use the basic techniques of web site design and development

Target Audience

Web authors, webmasters, marketing and communications professionals, PR professionals, graphic designers, desktop designers, technical writers, and library scientists


Successful completion of the SkillSoft CompTIA i-Net+: Internet and Web Technologies learning path or successful completion of the CIW Foundations: 1D0 – 510 examination or the CompTIA i-Net+ TM : IK0 – 001 certification examination

Expected Duration

185 min.

Course Objectives

Design Concepts for Web Sites

  • outline the nature of the Web and the tools and technologies that enable it to function.
  • identify and explain common page layout formats and elements and their usage, and explain the importance of white space.
  • describe color in numeric formats and use color to convey a company’s culture and industrial image.
  • choose fonts for a web site and discuss how to control displayed font size.
  • discuss the importance of audience usability, identify the elements of a usability test, and conduct a usability test.
  • explain why web site navigation is critical, define navigation hierarchies, analyze positional awareness, and describe how browsers control and restrict navigation.
  • describe web site structure, apply a navigation action plan, outline familiar conventions, and understand guided navigation.
  • discuss digital imaging concepts and graphic types, and how to optimize web images.
  • use an online image optimization service.
  • describe the basic use of animation, audio, and video for a web site.
  • describe what factors to consider when using multimedia as part of a web site.
  • describe the collaborative nature of web development.