Designing and Formatting Illustrations in Word 2016

End users at all levels, including those who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Word and more experienced Word users who want to learn about new features in Word 2016.


Expected Duration
56 minutes

Enhance Word 2016 documents with decorative, professional looking illustrations using the Format and Design ribbons dedicated to Shapes, Pictures, Charts, Textboxes, WordArt and SmartArt. In addition, focus on compressing illustrations This course addresses more complex formatting using Word 2016. Some of these skills, for instance, section breaks and pagination options, are beneficial when working with large documents which require complex formatting. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers Microsoft Word 2016 for intermediate-level users.


Applying Artistic Effects

  • start the course
  • add shadows and reflections to pictures in Word 2016
  • apply a glow, soft edges, and 3-D formatting or rotation to an object in Word 2016

Modifying Pictures

  • remove the background of an image in Word 2016
  • apply color saturation, tone, and recolor options to a picture in Word 2016
  • change image brightness and contrast, and soften or sharpen images, in Word 2016

Formatting Pictures and Shapes

  • apply picture styles, effects, and layouts to pictures in Word 2016
  • change an existing shape and apply shape styles and effects in Word 2016

SmartArt and Chart Design Options

  • modify the layout of shapes in SmartArt in Word 2016
  • apply SmartArt layouts and styles, add new shapes, and use the Text pane for SmartArt in Word 2016
  • apply chart layouts and styles, and add additional chart elements, in Word 2016
  • switch the layout of chart rows and columns, and select and edit chart data, in Word 2016

Adding Columns, Pages, and Section Breaks

  • add and remove column formatting, and add column breaks, in Word 2016
  • select the correct pagination option when working with paragraphs in a Word 2016 document
  • insert new page and continuous section breaks in Word 2016

Practice: Editing Illustrations

  • apply transparency and a picture style and layout to a picture, and add an element to a chart in Word 2016





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