Designing and Managing Internet Connectivity in Windows 2003

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To identify the various methods involved in establishing an internet connectivity solution, and the configuration requirements for each one

Target Audience

Prospective systems engineers; technical support engineers, and technical consultants seeking competency in Windows Server 2003; systems and network analysts seeking competency in Windows Server 2003


Experience in implementing and administrating Windows operating systems; familiarity with directory and network services; certification on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platforms

Expected Duration

140 min.

Course Objectives

Designing and Managing Internet Connectivity in Windows 2003

  • identify the methods of connecting to the Internet and determine an appropriate connection solution for an enterprise, based on a set of requirements.
  • select a suitable NAT implementation for a network
  • determine an appropriate ISA Server configuration for a network.
  • design and configure a NAT and ISA solution for a given enterprise network scenario.
  • determine a suitable IAS configuration strategy for a business scenario
  • determine a suitable security and availability strategy for an Internet Authentication Service (IAS) server solution on a network.
  • plan, install and configure the Internet Authentication Service on a network.