Designing Application and Update Deployments for Windows 7

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Microsoft provides many technologies and tools to enable administrators to reduce time and cost associated with maintaining clients computers, specifically for making applications available to users and ensuring that client computers are automatically updated to minimize security vulnerabilities. This course demonstrates how to deploy and distribute applications to Windows 7 client machines in an Active Directory environment using Group Policy settings and System Center Configuration Manager. It discusses how administrators can make applications available to users through virtualization technologies, such as App-V, Med-V, RemoteApp, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It also shows how to apply updates automatically to client machines using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and how to ensure client compliancy using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA). This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Microsoft exam: 70-686. Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator. Passing this exam will earn the learner Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator certification.

Target Audience

Individuals undertaking high level Windows desktop administration certification, and possibly Windows Server Enterprise Support certification. The customer base will also include companies using Microsoft Windows desktop and server systems that need their IT staff certified to a high level.


Individuals should have at least 3 years experience installing, configuring, and administering clients in a Windows networked environment; Familiarity with client administration in Windows Server; Experience with deployment of operating systems and applications; Familiarity with Windows Server management tools such System Center suite.

Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Deploy and Distribute Applications to Windows 7

  • recognize how to distribute applications using System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2
  • use Group Policies to assign, publish, and upgrade an application
  • Deploying Applications to Windows 7 Clients

    Use Virtualization Tools for Application Deployment

  • match virtualization technologies to their features
  • Design an Update Strategy for Windows 7

  • design a WSUS deployment
  • Configure Windows 7 Clients for Updates

  • recognize how to configure clients using Group Policy
  • approve and verify updates
  • Configuring Windows 7 for Automatic Updates

    Use MBSA for Client Security Compliance

  • use MBSA to assess client security compliance in a given scenario