Designing, Creating, and Manipulating Android Databases

This path is targeted toward individuals who are new to Android development and wish to create mobile applications by using the Android platform. A working knowledge of Java is essential.


Expected Duration
130 minutes

Databases maintain past and present information, which helps in predicting the future. Android has a unique set of database elements to perform all the essential skills of database manipulation. In this course, you will learn all the basics of manipulating Android databases and how they interact with applications.


Developing Databases in Android

  • start the course
  • describe the different types of storage options in Android
  • define preferences in Android
  • define local databases in Android
  • define external databases in Android
  • describe SQLite databases in Android
  • Working with Preferences

  • describe private and shared preferences
  • create activities for shared preferences
  • use activities with shared preferences
  • use Java code to define preferences
  • work with event listeners for shared preferences
  • Working with Local Databases

  • create and write files for internal storage
  • read files into internal storage
  • create JSON data files
  • read JSON data files
  • Working with External Databases

  • create method to write data into external storage
  • create method to read data from external storage
  • describe parsing XML data in Android
  • use onCreate method for XMLPullParser
  • create class to handle XML data
  • Working with SQLite Databases

  • define a schema and contract
  • create a database using a SQL helper
  • insert data into SQLite databases
  • read data into SQLite databases
  • Developing a SQLite CRUD Application

  • create CRUD layout and java class files
  • update records in SQLite database
  • delete records in SQLite database
  • Practice: Using Android Databases

  • work with different types of Android databases




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