Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Anyone who is familiar with the PowerPoint 2016 interface and tools and want to improve their presentation design and communication skills.


Expected Duration
47 minutes

To be effective, a presentation has to capture your audience’s attention and deliver a compelling message. In this course, you’ll learn design principles for creating engaging presentations in PowerPoint 2016. You’ll also learn how to ensure your message is clear and persuasive, and how to use sound, images, color, and styles to optimize the visual impact that a presentation has on your audience. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers best practices when using PowerPoint 2016.


Design and Presentation Principles

  • start the course
  • describe how to design and present an effective PowerPoint 2016 presentation
  • identify PowerPoint 2016 design tools and presentation add-ons for speedy design
  • describe the presentation process when designing PowerPoint 2016 presentations
  • recognize the role of the presenter in imparting PowerPoint 2016 presentation content effectively
  • apply design principles that help ensure long-term retention of your message in PowerPoint 2016

Clarity and Persuasion

  • create a clear message and establish credibility in a PowerPoint 2016 presentation
  • recognize how to deliver a message clearly and effectively in a PowerPoint 2016 presentation
  • fully engage with and persuade your audience when delivering a PowerPoint 2016 presentation

Optimizing Visual Impact

  • describe how the brain processes visual input and what this implies for effective slide design in PowerPoint 2016
  • make effective use of sound and images in PowerPoint 2016 presentations
  • use guides, alignment, and grouping to create a professional PowerPoint 2016 presentation
  • use color to increase the effectiveness of PowerPoint 2016 presentations
  • apply consistent styles to slides in PowerPoint 2016
  • identify the Gestalt principles and how visual input is received by humans

Practice: Using Best Practices

  • apply best practices for designing and delivering a PowerPoint 2016 presentation





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