Developing a Brand Internally

Managers and strategic planners who want to develop or refine their strategic brand management skills


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Many brands fail to deliver what they promise because of a lack of internal focus and engagement in the brand development process. If your employees and organizational culture aren’t aligned with your brand, you’ll likely fail to deliver the full value potential of your brand. Internal engagement is increasingly being viewed as not only key to effective brand development, but an important driver of customer value. Aligning the brand promise, organizational actions, and the real brand experience helps generate brand staying power and customer loyalty. This course discusses the benefits associated with developing brands through internal engagement and provides instruction on how to approach and implement an internal brand development program. It also provides direction on how to measure and sustain internal branding efforts over time.


Implementing an Internal Brand Development Program

  • recognize how being able to implement an internal development program can help you maximize your brand success
  • choose a brand vision that matches the brand promise with the internal promise in a given scenario
  • identify methods an organization can use to assess its culture and integrated approach against its brand vision
  • recognize actions that should be taken to develop a brand internally in a given organization
  • identify the benefits of assessing the internal brand development program





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