Developing a Commerce Server 2000 Solution

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To discuss how to develop a Commerce Server 2000 solution

Target Audience

IT professionals who wish to use Commerce Server 2000 to implement and design e-commerce solutions; students preparing for Microsoft certification in the Designing and Implementing Solutions with Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 exam


Experience working in computing environments that use Microsoft Commerce Server 2000; a minimum of one year’s experience developing e-commerce sites and two years’ experience designing applications; working knowledge of development tools such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, COM+, and ASP; working knowledge of Microsoft Windows 2000, the Active Directory, IIS, SSL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DBMS, and SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services; a conceptual knowledge of network load balancing and firewalls

Expected Duration

195 min.

Course Objectives

Developing a Commerce Server 2000 Solution

  • identify the development tools required to build a successful Commerce Server 2000 solution.
  • discuss how Component Object Model (COM) and Dictionary objects are used in Commerce Server 2000.
  • describe how Commerce Server 2000 provides authentication.
  • use AuthManager to authenticate users in Commerce Server 2000.
  • describe and create Commerce Server 2000 user profiles.
  • create user profiles in Commerce Server 2000.
  • explain how a shopping basket works.
  • describe how to use Active Server Pages (ASP) code to manipulate a shopping basket.
  • create a shopping basket for an e-commerce site.
  • discuss how pipelines are used in Commerce Server 2000.
  • describe how to build a pipeline in Commerce Server 2000.
  • implement pipelines and build pipeline components.
  • create a pipeline component in Commerce Server 2000.
  • describe how to use order processing pipelines (OPPs).