Developing and Deploying Strategic Plans

Corporate directors of quality, quality managers and executives involved with quality at the organizational or departmental level within an organization.

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Expected Duration
150 minutes

Successful organizations are founded on effectively developing and deploying strategic plans. Organizations must identify their primary goals and objectives based on their mission and vision statements. Other success factors include understanding market forces, internal strengths and weaknesses, stakeholders, relevant technology, and legal and regulatory factors. With these considerations, an organization’s action plan can be developed and deployed, and its effectiveness evaluated.
This course explores the concepts of strategic planning models, business environmental analysis, and strategic plan deployment.


Strategic Planning Models

  • identify the characteristics of a traditional strategic planning approach
  • recognize examples of the steps in the Hoshin planning model
  • identify what scenario planning is used for
  • identify descriptions of tools used to measure success against strategic goals
  • Business Environment Analysis

  • recognize questions that should be asked at the various stages of SWOT analysis
  • identify Porter’s five forces that drive industry profitability
  • identify some of the strategic implications of technology
  • identify legal and regulatory factors affecting organizations
  • sequence the steps in a stakeholder analysis framework
  • recognize internal capability factors that should be considered in strategic planning
  • Strategic Plan Deployment

  • recognize the elements of an effective action plan
  • identify the characteristics of tactics
  • recognize examples of the main activities involved in successful resource allocation
  • match each method of measuring performance to a description
  • match key quality concepts to examples




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