Developing Learning Practices

Managers and leaders who want to understand how to develop a commitment to learning in their organization

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Today’s organizational leaders know that cultivating a learning culture means more than providing training sessions – it means sustaining an ongoing process of learning using various practices, all integrated with the operations and routines of the business. It means analyzing needs and planning strategically before launching a learning initiative. It means setting up diverse opportunities for acquiring, creating, and sharing knowledge. And it means ensuring that employees have the chance to practice and apply what they have learned in a way that makes a significant difference to the business.
This course delves into four key practices that augment and support organizational learning: planning for learning, building knowledge, diffusing knowledge, and applying knowledge in the organization. For each of these practices, the course outlines strategies and guidelines that help bolster the organization’s learning culture and its competitiveness within its given market.


Practices of a Learning Organization

  • apply key steps in a development needs assessment
  • recognize examples of strategies that facilitate specific types of knowledge building
  • recognize examples of actions that promote the diffusion of knowledge through an organization
  • recognize actions that promote long-term changes based on learning




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